Vulcanization of Rubber

Things are getting sticky

How Vulcanization works

Later vulcanization of rubber was needed much more with the invention of the car. So people brought seeds of rubber trees and planted them in Europe. They made machines to vulcanize rubber which made the vulcanized rubber faster.

When and How Vulcanization was created

Charles Goodyear created vulcanization in 1844.

He was experimenting with natural rubber( sap from a rubber tree) when he spilled rubber with sulfur on a hot stove which created vulcanized rubber. This rubber doesn't melt in hot circumstances and doesn't get brittle in cold circumstances.

Vulcanized rubber now and then

There is really not much of a difference between vulcanized rubber today and back then I mean rubber Is rubber. Theere is a difference between the fact that now it is made on high demand and so the machines are better and can handle this high demand so they make it faster.


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