Check Grading Periods

How make sure your assignments are where they should be!

Step #1: Click on Assignments

Under Grade Book, choose Assignments.
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Step #2 Click on Grading Periods

The page defaults to a different tab. Be sure and click on Grading Periods.

You can also change how many assignments you see at once and for one or all class periods.

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Step #3: Check/edit the appropriate grading periods

Scroll through the page and check that each assignment is in the appropriate grading periods. You can also click ALL for that column or row, if appropriate.

This is a great step to complete about once a month-just to ensure you got all the grading periods you want the assignment in!

*Note: NONE of the assignments should be in Final Exam EXCEPT for your semester final exam.

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Step #4: Save

Save your changes. Complete the above steps for ALL of the your classes.
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