Friday Focus

JSE Staff, April 6th

"Love Your People"

What an uplifting week, celebrating our passion, to begin our final month!

Next week we focus on our end of the year "to do" check-list to prepare for next year...creating classes. Thank you for starting the week together on Monday morning in Margaret's room.

We have several field trips happening this month, please make sure you have communicated with the kitchen to offer sack lunches. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Friday we end the week with our staff breakfast and our second pre-k afternoon program. Thank you to Sharon, Joan, Joni, Lisa, Diana, and Sandy for making this a success. We have already surpassed last year's attendance!

Our kids look forward to the JSE Art Show and Book Fair next week. Thank you for all your hard work, Lisa and Matt!

Have a wonderful, most deserved weekend with family and friends!


Professional Development

  • Monday: creating classes with clustering in mind
  • Thursday: our "Take what you need" INSPIRE pots are done and ready for glazing! Meet you in Matt's room.

Classroom Discussions in Math

blendspace Math Talk -updates with each PD

Step 1: Helping individual students clarify and Share Their Own Thoughts

This week: Step 2: Helping Students Orient to the Thinking of Others

Step 3: Helping Students Deepen Their Own Reasoning

Step 4: Helping Students Engage with the Reasoning of Others

  • What do you think about that?

  • Do you Agree or Disagree...and why? Or who agrees or disagrees?

  • Who can add on?

  • What do other people think about what he/she said?

  • Does anyone have a different way of looking at that?

  • Does that make sense to you? Why?

"The teacher needs to engage the student beyond simply listening and restating."

Our Goal: Thinking, talking, moving, or emotionally involved so that what you teach gets into long-term memory.

Reminders and Important Dates

  • May 9-13 Book Fair
  • May 13th Pre-K Visit 12:30-2:30
  • May 27th morning fitness AR award K/1,2/3,4/5 in Gym

*Remember to turn in the Student Math Talk Starter Card you would prefer and I will make sure you have one for each student.

  • Set up needed parent teacher conferences for at-risk students to prepare for next school year.
  • K-2 Summer School Forms: As they are turned in please send them to the office for tracking.
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize May's CSL: and Bucket-filling Trait: Confidence
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!