Checking and Detection Of Errors

Hamming Code

Hamming Code can self-correct single errors, which makes it a more reliable way of Finding and Correcting Errors.

Hamming Code involves using more than one parity bit in each bit pattern. The more data bits that are encoded,

more parity bits will be required to check the data. Even parity is used.

Majority Vote

Error detection is good, error correction is better. How can we increase the chances that the data reaches its destination correctly? One method is to send each bit three times and use the idea of a majority vote to determine the correct bit. This is a very expensive method as three times the volume of data is transmitted.

Gray Code

Gray Code simply adds the numbers together to check whether there is any errors or incorrect data from the code to then correct the error and unsure it doesn't get the error again. This is one of the best ways to detect the errors and is one of most reliable ways to fix the data.


even parity is where there is a even number of 1′s in the binary.

odd parity is where there is a odd number of 1′s in the binary.