Johnny Weir

A great legend

A Legend Is Born

Johnny Weir was born on July 2, 1984 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania to John and Patti Weir.

Olympic Career

Johnny Weir has competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics and in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He has won various amount of medals including gold at 2004 U.S. Championships, silver at the 2004 Cup of Russia, bronze in the 2009-2010 Grand Prix Final, and much more.

Figure Skating Facts

-The United States has won 187 World Championships medals in figure skating to date, which is more than any other country!

-The blades on the figure skating shoes were once made out of bone instead of steel, which is what the blades on the shoes are made out of today.

The name " Figure Skating" comes from the compulsory part of the competition, which requires skaters to trace perfect figures on the ice, including figure 8's.

Target Heart Rate/Maximum Heart Rate

Johnny Weir's maximum heart rate is 191 and his target heart range is 153-172.
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