Create Bank Deposit

Use the Create Bank Deposit entry point to select cash receipt lines for inclusion in a bank deposit.

1. Click the Create Bank Deposit link to view the Create Bank Deposit Screen.

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2. Select the Bank to use for the deposit. The Undeposited Receipt Lines panel will show a list of all cash receipts that have been created but have not been included in a bank deposit.

3. The Posting Date will be the date of the deposit and the date that will be used to recognize the deposit on the General Ledger. By default, the Posting Date is the current date. You can change the date as needed.
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4. In the Undeposited Receipt Lines column, click the cash receipts that need to be included in the bank deposit. As you select cash receipts, the Deposits column shows the bank accounts selected and the total amount for each.

5. For each bank account listed in the Deposits column, enter the Deposit Control Number.

6. When you have finished selecting cash receipts and have entered all Deposit Control Numbers, click the Create Bank Deposit(s) button.