Stages in a Pregnancy

Jeremy Hudson

First Trimester

During the pregnancy the mother don't know that her baby is building a protecting system. The mother need to watch waht she eats and the baby is still a cell. The baby grows 10mm a day. 6 veeks they a inch long . At 8 weeks the baby know as a fetus and the nervous system develop. 9 weeks the heart is not controlled by the brain yet.

Second Trimester

They sprouting hair, ears and eyes are moving into their correct positions, and they starting to suck and swallow. Week 18 of pregnancy, he weighs about as much as a chicken breast, he can yawn and hiccup, and he's got fingerprints on those tiny digits. By week 21 of pregnancy you should be able to feel his newly coordinated arms and legs give you little jabs and kicks and in week 22 of pregnancy.
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