Mann Science

For the week of March 17-21, 2014

A note from Mrs. Mann

Hope your Spring Break was restful!

Each year my family goes camping during Spring Break.

This year we went to Cleburne State Park.

If you love making smores by the camp fire, you need to try roasting peeps, they are awesome! When the peep cools off, the sugar that crystalized on the outside has a nice crunch, and inside is the gooey marshmallow!

Highlight for this week - Test on Tuesday, so I have included the Google doc link for the test review we will work on in class on Monday. We will also define our vocabulary for this six weeks. I have included the link for quizlet.

Upcoming Events


Monday - planner check, expectation review, work on test review

Tuesday - Test (major grade #2)

Wednesday - National Geographic Magazine Assignment

Thursday-Friday- Weathering, Erosion, Deposition

Vocabulary assignment and notes


March 26 - Early Release Day