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As a top London Web Design agency, at ID Studio we often asked how important is content to the success of a website, there is only one answer, extremely!

There are many reasons why people will visit your website, they could be looking for an answer to a question, wanting to find out more about your business, to make a purchase or to obtain your contact details, the list is endless. What they all have in common is that they require content.

In no particular order of importance, below are some of the reasons why we at ID Studio believe that content is just as important as the actual web design.

Content will provide relevant information to your user, copy that is well written and not hidden away will encourage visitors to look around your website and stay on it for longer giving you further opportunity to convert them into paying customers. Providing high quality content will also create a positive impression for your business, irrelevant and rushed content will do the complete opposite.

Content is key to ensuring that your website is listed and more importantly, ranked higher on the main search engines. Researching the keywords that people search for, that are not too competitive or competing against near impossible odds (such as the BBC), can help promote your site. Use original and engaging content, do not repeat content on other pages as this will be seen as duplicate content. According to Moz, Google also gives preference to quantity as well as quality (this is not to say that you should write pages of content for the sake of it). It is true that there are many other factors that will determine the success of your website on the search engines, such as the web design build quality, linking, domain age etc. Take a look at the ‘definitive guide to awesome web content’ from Moz for further information.

Providing quality content can increase your websites ‘stickiness’, in other words, it encourages visitors to stay on your site for longer and to come back and visit again. This can only be done when content is engaging, educating and effectively informing the visitor with information that they actually want.

Another important and strategic use for content can be to further aid the effectiveness of images, pictures and graphics. Using carefully planned and researched descriptions will further enhance their visual impact. For example, as a web design company we could include an image of an award we have won. However, if weinclude text about the site, how it was built using the latest standards and why it won the award, this will have a far greater impact than just an image with ‘award for web design.’

Researching for content yourself can give you a far better understanding about your business online, as well as your main competitors and market in general. Content research will involve looking at your competitors copy, researching their search engine rankings and keywords. It will also involve researching the behavior of your markets online visitors.

Above are just some of the main areas outlining the importance of content, and why it should be started at the same time as the web design process. If you have any questions relating to the above, or would like to discuss an online project, contact ID Studio +44(0) 208 8948 5808, contact@netdreams.co.uk or visit our website www.netdreams.co.uk for more information about our services and web design portfolio.