Monthly Newsletter

October 2019

Classroom Notes

Character Education Trait for October

Cooperation and Teamwork

Every month we will be exploring a new character trait(s). The trait(s) will be celebrated at the beginning of the month by a guest reader who will come into the classroom and share a story and activity with the students to kick off the month’s trait(s).

October’s guest reader is Rachel Schweigert who is the Young Scholars teacher at Jackson and Sun Path. She will be reading the story Swimmy by Leo Leonni and doing an activity that involves working together.

Grandparents Day is this Friday from 1:30-2:45. Mr. Bjerken will welcome the grandparents and then they will be doing some special things in the classroom with their grandchild. If your child wants to go home with their grandparent, PLEASE send a note or an email to me saying it is OK.

What's Happening?

Writing Workshop

*Compare and Contrast

-Comparing and Contrasting two people

including their descriptions and character


-Writing a paragraph with a topic sentence,

evidence, and closing sentence

-Revising writing using 3 different strategies

*Dot and Say

*Green Light/Red Light

*Bottom to Top Reading


Unit 2- Quadrilaterals

--explore congruence and similar figures.

--identify parallel and perpendicular lines.

--describe and classify quadrilaterals.

--find perimeter and area of rectangles and complex figures.

Unit 1- Multiplication and Division Word Problems

--Solve Word Problems with tables.

--Use tables to interpret data.

--Write Multiplication and Division equations to solve comparison problems.

--Identify pictographs, bar graphs, horizontal graphs and vertical graphs.


*Students will compare and contrast information in

a text.

•Students will understand the different text


1. Compare and Contrast

2. Cause and Effect

3. Chronological

4. Problem and Solution

5. Descriptive

Theme – (Science, Social Studies)

*Social Studies: We will learn about the Government: What are the 3 braches of government and how do they work? We will also study how the US was settled by first Native Americans and then Spanish, Europeans, and Asians. The unit is called “Peopling of the United States”.

* We will also start learning about our first Region

of the US: The Northeast