Parkway West Activities

Longhorn Roundup-Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 13 - March 8, 2020

Parkway West Athletics

Inside this issue:

  • Athletes of the Month
  • 2020 Summer Camps
  • How to Register for Summer Camps - ONLINE
  • Cheer and Pom Tryouts
  • April 7th Information - ACT Test Date/Six Flags
  • Summertime Dead Periods & First Day of Fall Sports
  • New Athletic Web Site
  • Robotics Team
  • Jr. Longhorns Field Hockey
  • Prom 2020
  • Fight Song
  • Parkway Sponsors
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Athletes of the Month

Claire Lynn (Swim and Dive)--Claire finished her diving career at West with a 3rd place finish at State, the highest West individual award won at this meet. Her points contributed to the team's 1st place win at Class 1 state meet. That was Claire's biggest goal, to do well and score for the team. She barely edged out the 4th place finisher by nailing her last dive. Claire had a very solid season with an exciting finish, she will be missed as a teammate and a competitor.

Logan Wich (Basketball)--Logan had a great February and is leading the team in points scored at 12.5 ppg. Logan has improved his play as the season has progressed and has been a big reason for the team's strong push down the stretch. Recently, Logan scored 26points in a big win vs Parkway North

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Sportsmanship Athletes of the Month

Megan VanValkenburgh (Swim and Dive)--Megan is a seasoned swimmer who understands the importance of team versus individual in our sport. In order to put up the most competitive lineup for our championship season, we moved events and relays around which included Megan. She had a great attitude and said she was happy to do what's best for the team without any complaining. She then went on to score points and contribute to a state team win where we edged out the second place team by 2.5 points, every point mattered including Megan's! She cheered for every girl in this meet, had a hug and support for teammates after every event.

Henry Freedman (Basketball)--Henry is a four year member of the basketball program. Throughout those four years, Henry has been primarily a role player. He has accepted that role and played an important part in the team's chemistry, especially over the last few weeks of the season. Henry brings enthusiasm and hustle and is willing to support his teammates in a positive manner both on and off the court. Henry is a glue guy and one that is willing to sacrifice for the team.

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Athletic Summer Camps

Parkway Families - How to Register for Summer Camps

Cheer & Poms Tryout Information

National ACT Test Date - April 7th

Athletes and Parents,

April 7th is the National ACT test date for all juniors as well as Senior Six Flags day. The ACT test will be administered during the morning hours to juniors and ALL West High students (Fr, So, Jr) will be dismissed early. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors will be dismissed at 11:30.

Athletic practices and games will still be held at their regular after school times (unless noted otherwise by your coach). We recognize this presents a hardship for some students and their families regarding transportation home (after early dismissal) and transportation back to school for games/practices (2:45).

Any student-athlete presented with a hardship regarding transportation is welcome to stay at West in an Athletic study hall from 11:30-2:30 in the cafeteria. Students should bring something to work on and a sack lunch.

It is the expectation that all students leave campus at dismissal or are in the athletic study hall once being dismissed at 11:30.

Senior student-athletes attending Six Flags, please make sure you have made arrangements (by indicating the need on your Six Flags form) for early transportation to West in order to make it back for games/practices. Please also make sure you have communicated any concerns/issues with your coach AHEAD OF TIME.

Thank you for working with us during this wonderfully crazy day...

Go Horns!!!

Summertime Dead Periods

Per MSHSAA, the summertime dead period is a period of defined length in which no contact takes place between school coaches/directors of MSHSAA-sponsored activities and students enrolled in the member school, or who will be enrolled in the member school during the next school year. Further, during the dead period school, facilities are not utilized by enrolled students in connection with any sport or activity governed by MSHSAA. The dead period is a “no school activities time”; no open gyms, competitions, practices, conditioning, weight training; no activity-related functions or fundraisers, camps, or clinics at school facilities or sponsored elsewhere by the school; no coaches/directors or students may have planned contact other than casual, normal community, non-activity contact. While there may be sports activities during this time, they must not involve the school coach, the school, or school facilities. The dead period shall be nine consecutive days in length, and must begin on a Saturday and last through the second following Sunday.

Activities Dead Period (cheerleading, poms, band): June 27 - July 5, 2020
Athletics Dead Period: August 1-9, 2020
First Day of Fall Sports: August 10, 2020

New Athletic Web Site

In an effort to create a more seamless product, we have moved our Athletics web site (roster, schedules, team info, department information, resources, etc...) on to the same platform as the rest of the Parkway West High School site. Our new web site can be found by going to the following link. or navigating from the main Parkway West web site

Robotics Team

  • All four West High competitive robotics teams (group photo and roster attached) competed at state and advanced to the elimination rounds. West High represented ⅙ of all Missouri high school teams competing at state* (24 teams total).

    • Blue Brains (5430A)

    • Memory Leak (5430C)

    • Syntax Error (5430D)

    • Talk Nerdy To Me (5430V)
      * Together with Parkway Central High, Parkway School District represented ¼ of all MO high school teams competing at state.

  • Three West High robotics teams advanced to the quarter-finals and had to face one another.

    • Blue Brains (5430A)

    • Memory Leak (5430C)

    • Syntax Error (5430D)

  • Team Blue Brains (5430A) earned 1st place with their alliance partner Dark Knight Robotics (46535K) and won the Tournament Champions Award.

  • Team Blue Brains (5430A) advances to the VEX World Championships, a 4-day international robotics tournament, held 4/22 - 4/25/2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Team Blue Brains (5430A) earned the Judges Award - presented to the team deserving of special recognition based upon a number of criteria such as team displays of special attributes, exemplary effort and perseverance at the event, and team accomplishments throughout the season.

  • Team Syntax Error (5430D) earned the Innovate Award - presented to a team that has demonstrated a strong combination of ingenuity and innovation in designing their VEX robot. The Innovate Award recognizes a specific, unique piece of engineering that exemplifies thinking outside of the box and innovative engineering design.

  • Our robotics team represented the West High Core Values well (particularly empathy and integrity) through not only collaborating with and supporting our own teams during the ups and downs… but more impressively, through multiple West High team members providing critical, time-sensitive mechanical and coding support in a mentoring way to middle school teams (and their coaches) competing at state, empowering those middle school teams to persist through complicated technical issues and improve their team’s performance throughout the day.

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Jr. Longhorn Field Hockey

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Prom 2020

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Parkway West Fight Song - "Stand Up and Cheer"

Stand Up and Cheer

Stand Up and Cheer For Parkway West

For Today We Raise, the Red and Blue Above The Rest We Are The Best

The Longhorns Are Fighting, For We are Bound To Win This Game

We Got The Team, We Got The Steam

For It’s Parkway West’s Day, Hey!

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