Resources for Music Educators

Websites, Software, and much more...

Lemur by Line

This is a MIDI app. You can control almost any DAW software with this tool. Everything is customizable and ready for your creativity!
Lemur - Legendary multitouch MIDI & OSC controller - Now on iOS


This is a free, online storage and share space. Very useful for teachers wanting to get information out to their students. This can also be used for students to submit assignments. Check it out.


Pyware is the leading provider in marching band drill writing. While expensive, this software can more than help you get money back if you become good enough to sell your custom drill.
Pyware 3D 7.2 Trailer

Logic Pro

This is a DAW software that uses MIDI as well as great live recordings. Although this software is professional level, the possibilities are endless.

Sibelius Notation

Sibelius is a professional level notation software that is extremely valuable to a music educator. With this software we can adjust parts, make copies, transpose, compose, and make corrections to any music. Music educators need this software!

Introducing Sibelius® 7


Spotify is a free music database that allows users to access almost any music at their command. The tool also offers a paid version that does not include advertisements. All music educators should make use of this software for their listening and learning purposes.


Looplabs is a great, free, resource for a music technology class. This program allows students to be able to compose their own music, while not being overly complicated with an overload of options. Great for young musicians.


This is another professional level music production software. One can do anything they please with this tool. Similar to Logic Pro.


This is a great tool for technology in the music classroom. Students can use loops and samples to create their own new compositions. This will truly inspire our student's creativity.

thesecondwall - Six Launchpads (Novation)

Native Instrument's Komplete

This music software can be used with any other music notation or production tool. Students can make new software instruments and create high quality MIDI files with this software. Recommended for more advanced students.


Three Additional Tools:


Finale, much like Sibelius is a music notation software that functions at the professional level. This can be a teacher's best friend in the classroom. Great for composing and publishing warm-ups and much more.


Noteflight is a resource that I used in my undergraduate degree. There were multiple times when I needed a free music notation software that allowed me to save and print. This was a valuable resource that helped me out greatly. It can do the same for you.

Music for Music Teachers

If you ever need some free sheet music for songs that everyone knows, whether it be for a special occasion, holiday, or just music in general, then go to this website. This has thousands of free, printable music for all different instruments and ensembles. Go check this out! Stop paying for basic sheet music now.