The Hunting Ground

Directed by Kirby Dick


The purpose of the documentary was to inform others of how rape isn't taken seriously in colleges, they ignore the fact that many are raped and will not give consequences to the assailant the elements that were effective were pathos, statistics and the personal interviews of the victims.

Elements used in the film


The music in the film gives a feeling of sadness towards the film as well as the victims. Stock footage of the college visits the students made, the news reports of what others have to say. they say that women shouldn't dress a certain way that they are guilty for their rape. and they shouldn't blame innocent male students without having proof. the parents reaction to finding out that their kids have been raped and the school is doing absolutely nothing to help. Also many victims of rape commit suicide because they receive no justice and are tired of seeing their rapist at schools.


88% of women sexually assaulted do not report.

in 2012 45% of colleges reported 0 sexual assaults.

26% arrested because of sexual assault, of the 26% only 20% are prosecuted by the police.

1/5 women their dream school becomes their worst nightmare after a sexual assault.

Personal Interviews

Many students reported that their deans blamed them for the rape and did nothing to catch the rapist. all of the students interviewed reported about the same things happening when they report their rape/assault to the school. even an assailant was interviewed and he said that the students on campus should be more careful and that they usually attack ones who they do know. And to dress appropriately, stay in groups to avoid a tragedy from occurring,

By Faviola Pantoja