NBPS June Technology Newsletter

Read below to see how technology shapes our instruction!

Google Meets and Mirror Issue!

When you present your screen, many have complained of seeing a mirror effect. Google is aware of this issue, and unpinning the screen, can help staff and students get a better view when utilizing the "Present Entire Screen." Watch the video below to get an understanding of how this looks.
Mirror Google Meet Issues

Livingston Highlight!

Virtual Lego Challenge!

We had many students who stepped up and became champions of the Virtual Lego Challenge at Livingston School. Mr. Rivera, the Media Specialist at Livingston School, created a STEAM project that involved a simplified version of the Engineering Design Process. Students had to Design, Build and Explain the thought process of various challenges given to them via Peardeck. Students then selected or let a spinner randomly select the challenge they would build with digital blocks via Google Slides. Finally, students had to decide how to present their work utilizing Flipgrid. Overall, this was a great learning experience showcasing student voice, ownership of work, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Here is an amazing 3rd Grader from Mrs. Aldaz's Bilingual Class, presenting her challenge. She decided to make two videos to ensure she covered all aspects of what she wanted to present, below you will see her build video.

Congratulations to all the Virtual Lego Champions that did their best.

Video Build 2

Check Out How To Use Equatio and Jamboard!

You can now use EquatiO on JamBoard (and other websites where you can copy and paste!). Previously, the EquatiO toolbar was only fully available on google apps (docs, sheets, slides, and drawings), now the full toolbar is available everywhere and any math representations that you make with the toolbar can be added as an image on the page! Watch this video to see how you can use this with JamBoard.

For more information on the capabilities of the EquatiO toolbar, please refer to the beginner and intermediate professional development sessions on the staff technology resources page.

EquatiO and Jamboard!

(Reminder) How to log into LightSpeed Relay?

In an effort to enhance the district's security and filtering services, the Technology Department has upgraded our website and content filtering system to the most recent version of Lightspeed Relay Rocket. The video below is to show you how to log into our LightSpeed Relay filtering system. Please, do not forget that this should be done daily, to ensure you have access to all the sites needed.

*Note: This is not required if you use a Chromebook.

Log Into LightSpeed Relay

NBPS Software Request Form

Below you can click the button to access our Software Request Form. Many of the staff members across the district are requesting for us to look into new extensions, applications, and subscriptions. Please complete as much information as you can on the form below, in order to be able to process your request efficiently. Thank you in advance from the Technology Department.

Don't Forget To Check Out Our Technology Resources

Our Staff Corner has a Technology Resource page with a menu of different subscriptions that we have access to in our district or recommend to be utilized during virtual or hybrid instruction. When you click on the icons, you will have access to a variety of resources and information pertaining to that particular technology subscription or tool. This can include newsletters, videos, documents, presentations, etc.

This year if you would like to highlight a staff member...

Please email Carla Segarra at carla_segarra@nbpsnj.net, to be considered for our district-wide newsletters. This is a great way to recognize our staff for all the amazing work they do.