Marie-Antoine Carême

by Martin Ward

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Short Biography

Marie-Antoine Carême was a French chef known for being an early practitioner of "haute cuisine", a grandiose style of food service. He studied under pastry chef Bailly and began showcasing his elaborate pastries resembling architecture at Bailly's "extraordinaires". He became famous for designing these and catered for a few rich or royal individuals, including Napoleon Bonaparte. He died in 1833, aged 48, likely due to charcoal poising from his kitchens.

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Carême read books on architecture in Paris's National Library and used the knowledge to make elaborate cakes for extraordinaires.
Carême wrote many books on food and cooking, most notably L'Art de la Cuisine Française, or The Art of French Cuisine, pictured above.
These are the most notable examples of great men for whom Carême catered.