Zoria Komperda

What is Bolivia's population and what are its characteristics?

The population of Bolivia is over ten million people. The Bolivians speak Spanish and their religion is Roman Catholic. They are of American Indians Ancestors. Also, half of the Bolivians people are farmers and crop owners.
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How do Bolivians struggle to grow some foods like: wheat, potatoes, and barely?

Bolivian people struggle growing foods like: wheat, potatoes, and barely because of yearly droughts and floods, poor infrastructure and lack of technology. Also, their crops were of poor quality and farmers did not have government support.
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What are Bolivia's three main land areas?

Bolivia has 3 main land areas.

  1. The Yungas, is a small area in the northeast of the Andes, this area has a steep hill and deep narrow valley. Only a few people live here.
  2. The second one is called the Vallas, is in south-central Bolivia's region of hills and valleys. Here is were most Bolivians grow their food.
  3. The last one is the Oriente, it is a vast plain that spreads across the northern and eastern of Bolivia. It has grasslands and wet areas, called swamps, that cover mostly all of it.
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How did Bolivia get its name?

Bolivia got its name from the famous Latin American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar.
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