Material Safety and Data Sheet

Saul Morales


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Symbol- Fh

Atomic Mass- 53.5239

Discovered by- Raul and Maricela Morales- Richardson, Texas

Occurrence- Found usually in a practice room practicing their French Horn, or at home on the computer.

Physical Properties

  • Has Dark Brown hair, and Brown Eyes.
  • Boils when it can not play something on their instrument.
  • Melts when they play their French Horn.
  • Can become emotionally unstable when exposed to stress, or its own anxiety.
  • Can also be found in the following states-
  1. Elated when it rains or snows. Cool temperatures.
  2. Frightened of what the future holds.
  3. Furious when they can not understand something.

Chemical Properties

  • Is repelled by rude people.
  • Is attracted to music and the French Horn.
  • May explode rather quickly if something goes wrong and then can't calm down.
  • Requires a lot of explanation to understand a subject, especially in Math.
  • Is inert if Shostakovich or Mahler is playing. (Classical Music)
  • Is impervious to being bad at the French Horn. (Still got a long way to go though)