A Surgery For a Mind

By Brendan Li

Can just simply an operation completely change the way an individual thinks and mindset? Apparently it can because it certainly did to 32 year old Charlie Gordon who went from an I.Q of 68 to an I.Q of 185. Charlie Gordon was a former employee of Donner's Bakery were his job was to keep the bakery spotless. But on March 8th, Charlie Gordon had an operation that changed his life. The surgery was meant to allow Charlie to increase his I.Q and permit him to remember facts, and events that had happened to him.

Although it took an extensive time, Charlie gradually got smarter as he began to remember events that happened to him and has had substantial spelling and grammar improvements. Charlie knew that he could not just let the operation “do it’s magic” so he has worked monumentally hard to raise his I.Q. It is obvious that Charlie is trying because in his 7th progress report, he crossed out the incorrectly spelled word and spelled it correctly.

As I have seen Charlie grow from the day that he was working in the bakery when he had 68 I.Q to his current state of 185 I.Q, was this operation successful? I don’t believe that it was successful at all. Yes, he has become an intellectual wonder, but he has cluelessly paid his emotions. Because he has become so intelligent, he has forgotten love and friendship. His only memories that could have been forgotten have all come back to haunt him and anger him and even make Charlie feel ashamed of himself. Mrs. Kinian no longer feels care from Charlie because he is so focused on his learning and I.Q. Mrs. Kinnian told Charlie that he is making her feel less ever since his I.Q increased. So if you ask me, the operation was not successful because he gave up his emotions.

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