My Future

By Connor

My Favorite Classes

I love Shop, AG, PE and Music.

I want to improve in...

Algebra, Science and History.

Activities I'm involved in.

I play football, basketball and track. I go to honor choir every year. I go to church every Wednesday and some times we sing at the nursing home.

I would talk to my parents and Grandparents and Kyle about College and my future.

Plans for after high school

I would like to get a scholarship to play football at UNK or UNL. If that doesn't work out i might continue the tradition and become a farmer, but I'm still young and Im sure something else might interest me.

My Future

I would be willing to live where ever my career takes me but i would like to live in a small town.

Work Schedule

I would like to work between 10:00-4:30 and have weekends off.

Work Environment

I would prefer to work outdoors, but i might be fine on working indoors depending on my work hours.

Who do I want to work for?

I would love to be self- employed and be my own boss.

How much money would i make?

I would love to make 75,000.

My Career Area

I will have to wait and see.