The Different Types of Muscles

By: Aaliyah Marrero

The Trapezius Muscle

The trapezius muscle is the muscle that is located in the back of the neck. The origin of the name was from Greek and modern Latin language, the word in Grek and modern Latin is trapezion. The word was introduced in the early 18th century. From modern Latin, from Greek trapezium (because of the way how the muscle were formed). The trapezius muscle is one of the major muscles in the back and is responsible for th movement in the scapula (shoulder blade).

The Deltoid Muscle

The deltoid muscle is located in the shoulders. The origin of the name came from Greek, modern Latin, and French. The word was introduced in the mid 18th century. The deltoid muscle is a rounded triangular shaped muscle in the shoulder. It is named after the Greek letter, delta.

The Pectoralis Muscle

The pectorals muscle is located in the chest near the rib cage. A nickname for pectorals is pecs. The muscle is found in not only men but woman as well! The muscle is the smallest part of two sets of muscles and connects the bones to the chest, to the shoulder, and to the upper arm. The pectorals are shaped in a triangular form.

The Biceps Muscle

The biceps muscle is located in the front upper arm. The real name of biceps is biceps brachii. Biceps brachii has two heads in the arm. The short head of the biceps brachii originates to the top of the shoulder blade. If you tear the biceps tendon at the elbow you will lose strength in your arm an not be able to forcefully turn your arm from palm down to palm up.

The Triceps Muscle

The triceps muscle is located in the back upper arm. The real name for triceps is triceps brachii. The triceps are the antagonist of the biceps and brachialis muscle. The origin of the word is Latin for three-headed muscle. It is the large muscle on the back of the upper limb of the vertebrates.