Weekly Launch

November 14-18


Thanks to all who helped with our Veteran's Day program. It was a success!

The HR team enjoyed their visit to or campus. They were very impressed with all we do!

Only one week until Thanksgiving break! You can do it! Please make sure your routines are being followed this week. This will help with behaviors!

2nd-5th-It is almost time for progress reports. Please make sure you have at least 4 grades in the gradebook. There should be one grade per week entered into Skyward. If you have students with missing work, please contact parents to get their support in getting the work turned in. You also need to be in contact with parents of students who have failing or falling grades so they can help the children bring their grades up, especially if it is missing work.

Kinder and 1st-continue collecting evidence for learning progressions

Important Dates

November 14-Mega 4th

Suzi out all day

November 15-Suzi out all day

All Impact Aid forms due to the office

Kinder Thanksgiving Feast

Science Fair viewing 4:00-5:30 pm.

The Yuck Show-6:00 in gym

November 16-PTA Thanksgiving feast(lunch)

Faculty Meeting-Dr. O'Pry and Leila Sarmachanic

November 17-Wear your Character shirts

Suzi out in a.m.

2nd grade field trip

PE planning day

November 18-Turkey Trot

Intervention Logs due

Kinder BAS ends

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-Optimism

Morning Announcements-Strawn

Word of the Week-Response

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Twitter Feeds to Follow

Twitter feeds to follow






Shout outs!

A big shout out to:

- our presenters on our PD day! All seemed to enjoy the learning :0)

-Thea for doing a beautiful job of singing the National Anthem at our Veteran's Day program

-Haley Deem, Pamela Baggett, Jessie Ting and Lacey Turrentine to hosting our HR guests on Friday. The HR team was so impressed with NPE!