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Happy April- Bend Bootcamp Updates

Hello Bend Boot Camp athletes,

We hope you had a great week enjoying the weather. As the weather starts to warm up I know a lot of new goals and plans begin to form. This spring brings some exciting additions, changes and updates to the longest standing boot camp in Central Oregon. Bend Boot Camp was created for all levels of athletes. The original classes were held outside taking advantage of the fresh air and space we have here in Bend, with some time spent inside. This spring Bend Boot Camp is looking to get back to our roots and begin to re-offer Outdoor classes in addition to our indoor space at Sortor Karate Center.

I am excited to announce that with all the change and excitement of Spring brings about a new owner of Bend Boot Camp. I will be passing the torch to Sara Goldin starting this week. As you know Sara has been teaching alongside myself and Stephanie Browne. We have truly enjoyed having her learn and grow as an instructor and as many of you know, Sara's classes offer some amazing challenge and are truly unique to her fun style. This has been a bitter-sweet change for myself as my relationships with my athletes are very dear and I appreciate each of you for all the energy and dedication you have given. I am honored and confident that Sara wanted to take the Bend Boot Camp name and give back to the community of athletes and help the program re-build to what it was. She is excited to not only take classes back outside but she is excited to offer camps, run groups, fitness retreats and even personal workouts tailored to each of you outside of class.

The change in location was the first step in allowing Sara to make this her own and I am excited to watch her and the program grow. I will continue to support Sara by stepping in and covering classes from time to time so you have not gotten rid of me yet:)

Nothing more has changed, in fact you will be seeing more updates, more classes and more location options. The Bend Boot Camp schedule can be viewed online at You can register for classes via the "classes" tab on the website or click here to go directly to mindbody.

Thank you all for all your support, love and energy the past 3 years as I have enjoyed every second. Since this is not a good-bye, (as I will plan to see you in classes from time to time) think of it more of a "until next time."

with love and punches,


New Beginnings

Hello All!

I am very excited to take on Bend BootCamp and create exciting and fun Bootcamp workouts! We will be taking our workouts outdoors, soon! Make sure to check out the website to see where we will be located at!

There will be plenty of updates, specials and more! Please feel free to call or email me about this transition! I look forward to continuing on with the great program D'Anza has created and help it grow.

Looking forward to burpees and lunges with all of you!