Homelessness Awarness

JJ Ahsan

What Is Homelessness?

A person living without a home; having no address; living on the streets; this is what we call being homeless. Homelessness is a global problem. The last time a global survey was conducted was in 2005 by the United Nations and it was estimated that 100 million people were homeless.

Who Is At Risk Of Homelessness?

67% of the people in America are homeless that is more then half the people living in America. Anyone can be at the risk of homelessness. Do we even know what the root cause of homelessness is? From all the digging and researching that I have done for the past few months my question is why this problem even exists? Ok I can understand why this might happen in other countries, but why does it happen here in the United States?

Our country is one of the richest countries in fact the United States helps other countries, we send so much money to help many other countries. I think it just makes good sense to help the people in the United States first before we help anyone else.

The bottom line is we have to know the root cause before any action can be taken.

I have found that it doesn’t matter where a person lives in the United States no individual can work 40 hours a week and be able to afford a one bedroom apartment earning minimum wage. Granted minimum wage is different in every state. For example in:

North Dakota minimum wage is $7.25 with about 39% of the population being homeless.

Iowa minimum wage is $7.25 with only 1.2% being homeless

Wyoming minimum wage is $5.15 and about 20% of the population being homeless.

Nevada minimum wage $7.25 with health insurance and $8.25 without health insurance. There is about 25% of the population being homeless.

How To Get Involved ?

You can simply get involved by looking for a local shelter to advocate for. Donating to Salvation Army doing what ever it takes to make sure no one is at poverty level. I go to family of the friends to find out what they need? And all I do is try to get things off there check list such as buying blankets, Toilet paper, and etc.

How Easy It Is?

I think it would be so easy just to drop off things you no longer need anymore. Just give back to the community. You can give $5.00 to a charity each month and that can go to helping children, family's, single individuals struggling people that are unlucky compared to what you are.