My superhero´s name is Neptune and she is very radioactive. She loves saving people from evil villains. There is not one villain that can defeat her. Neptune is made of very tough metal that is hard to break. Neptune is so strong she can cause bone cancer without looking. Neptune has a special thing inside her that changes her metallic and she is a very rare metal to find. She can absorb by-products of nuclear reactors and turn it into energy. Calcium is so scared of her because that's his worst nightmare. Neptunium is named after the planet called Neptune and Neptune is a strong planet.
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Periodic information

Symbol: Np

Name: Neptunium

Atomic number: 93

Average atomic mass: 237

Protons: 93

Electrons: 93


  • Neptunium is a silvery radioactive metal.
  • It is fussionable
  • Decay's products
  • Has five oxidization states

Important uses of Neptunium

Neptunium is used to produce plutonium which is used for spacecraft generators and terrestrial navigation beacons. Neptunium is also used in neutron detection equipment.

My superhero's powers

My superhero is a very strong girl. She can rip down a body in seconds. Neptune is a strong as she sounds. You don't want to get in her way. If you don't mess with her she won't bother to mess with you.