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What New France Is

New France was the area colonized by France in North America during a period begining with the exploration of the Saint Lawrence river by Jacques Cartier in 1534.

CANADA IN 1713 (events)

  • The treaty of Utrecht cedes French Acadia, Newfoundland, Hudson Bay and the " county of the Iroquois".

Canada In 1713 (Births)

  • Jean Baptiste of Verendrye born September 3rd, the eldest son Pierre Gaultier de Verendrye (died 1736).
  • Michel Benard, councilor of the conseil souverain.

Who Are The First Nations People

First Nations people in Canada are the people who used to be called Indians, but this term is now considered incorrect by some. Early European explorers thought they were in India when they landed in North America, so they called the original inhabitants "Indians." Many people who were misnamed Indians now prefer to be called First Nations. First Nations people identify themselves by the nation to which they belong, for example, Mohawk, Cree, Oneida, and so on.

Who Were The Europeans In New France and Early Canada

French pesence in North America was marked by economic changes with Aboriginal peoples, but also by conflicts, as the French attempted to control this vast territory. They came to New Frence because they wanted to find new land and when the did they found the people and traded for furs for clothes.

What were the relationships between European settlers and First Nations people

They traded with each other and sometimes the European settlers helped with things like traveling and making medicines.

What was the industry or trade at the time

During the 16th and 17th centuries New Frances economy was heavily centered on its Atlantic fisheries and traded things like food, furs, medison, and more.

the industry of trade now

Now they are sending trucks or ships full of things like finance, hydrolectricity, technology, and much more.

Industry In New France Then VS Now


After the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, New France began to prosper. Industries, such as fishing and farming.


The principal industries in Quebec are manufacturing, generations of electric power, mining, pulp and paper. The Quebec manufacturing sector represents 25 per cent of the Canadian total

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Where I got the information

Wikipedia, The Canadian Encyclopedia

interesting fact

People everywhere, including First Nations, have their own creation beliefs. Each First Nation has its own creation beliefs, told in the form of a story of their ancestors. The Iroquois creation story often includes elements of the earth being formed on the turtle’s back with animals and all other creatures providing further guidance when Sky Woman gives birth to First Woman. While creation beliefs may sound unlikely or silly, to put things in perspective, so does the idea of a person walking on water, coming back from the dead or parting the Red Sea.