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What Are Scrunch Butt Bikinis?

Like the name suggests, a scrunch butt bikini is styled to accentuate the shapely curves of your butt. If you have a nice backside, this is the bikini for you. It is designed to add a little more to the back end of your swimsuit. Once you wear this gorgeous swimwear, you should avoid turning your head when you pass guys. Of course you know the reason for this! All their heads will be staring back to your nice assets.

Note that, these bikinis are not just meant for women who are well endowed on their backsides. Women who do not have too much in the lower back region will find these bikinis very useful. They will boost their small fine curves and help them appear bigger than they actually are. In fact, this is the main reason why these bikinis were designed this way. The "scrunch" look, which is achieved by pulling its material inward, to the center, is meant to enhance the size of the butt making it appear larger in a good and sexy way. Many women are going for this stylish swimwear with the aim of gaining this "junk in the trunk" look if you would say. If you are wondering what type of bikini you should buy this spring, you have the answer. Our collection of scrunch bikinis are just simply amazing and you will love each and every one of them!