Gamma Radiation

What is the region's upper and lower frequency bound?

The frequency of Gamma Radiation corresponds to frequencies of 30 x 1018 Hz and up.

How big are the wavelengths?

Gamma-rays have the smallest wavelengths and the most energy of any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. They're about the size of an atom's nucleus.

Who invented Gamma Radiation?

Paul Villard, a French Physicist, is given credit for discovering Gamma Radiation. He discovered it in 1900.
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Ways in which humans benefit from Gamma Radiation

Gamma Radiation has the power to kill living cells so often it is used to treat cancer.

Gamma Radiation is often used to kill living organisms, in a process called irradiation. This can be used to remove decay causing bacteria from many foods or preventing fruits and vegetables from sprouting.

Gamma radiation is also useful in diagnosing purposes in nuclear medicine in imaging techniques, such as a PET Scan.

Two interesting facts about this topic I've found throughout my research.

One interesting fact I found out about that I did not know, was it can be used to treat cancer.

Another fact I found out about Gamma Radiation is that it can also be used to diagnose cancer in ways such as PET Scans.