Carlsbad Caverns

New Mexico-Guadalupe Mountains

5 Five facts about Carlsbad Caverns:

  • There are deep rocky canyons
  • The elevations are from 3,595 ft. to 6,520 ft. high
  • This is one of 119 limestone caves
  • The Caverns were established in 1930

In 1924, a National Geographic studier wrote an article about the wonders of Lower Cave. Now Visitors can see the amazing features for themselves. This cool adventure begins with a 10 foot down smooth lowering using a knotted rope. Your journey then continues down another 50 feet on three steep ladders. From there you go past clear pools and cave pearls. If you are someone that is afraid of heights, enclosed spaces or darkness then this part is not for you. The trail is wet or muddy in many places, making it very slippery. But for the prepared, a trip into Lower Cave is a unique and breathtaking experience

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