Who Found it in the Trash


The book Trash is a book about two boys how find something in the junkyard they live in and it turns out that it belongs to a man in the city and the wallet is connected to a crime and they have to chose weather to tell someone or keep it hidden.

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" We are the Dumpsite boys and this is are story

Don't Hide the Truth

The theme of the book is to never tell a lie or hide the truth because you will only delay the problem that you will have to face sooner or later. When you know the truth about something you should always come clean because someone may need to know the truth so that they can know what you know because what you know may be connected to something you don't want to be apart of and you are the only one how can help stop it so just come lean before it's to late. " It fell into my hand: a small leather bag, zipped up tight, i found a wallet." " ' Yes.' It might seem crazy asking a kid if you can come into his hole, but this hole was about the only thing rat had,apart from what he wore.
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"The police came for an item of great value with a reward."

The events in the story are when they found the wallet in the tightly zipped purse and the police come by the dump sight to find out if they known anything about a black bag that contained something that might lead to in a case and they say they have no idea what there talking about but they actually do know about and they have to learn a lesson as there life continues. The main characters are Rat, Gardo,andRaphael.
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" We live here as the dumpsite boys."

Andy Mulligan

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Andy Mulligan is from South London. He taught English and Drama in several different countries. He has written four books and is currently working on "The Boy With Two Heads". Trash has been nominated for a 2012 Carnegie Medal.