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Where do they live?

Chimpanzees live in rain forests and the savannah -wood lanes of west central and east Africa. Bonobos are only found in the central basin rainforest of the democratic republic of Congo

What do monkeys eat

In the wild, monkeys forage for fruit, nuts, and leaves, or hunt for small prey.Monkeys eat whatever plants are around them, or whatever fruits grow near them. They also will eat insects and some small lizards but they like fruits best. In zoos and other facilities, food is provided for them.

how do monkeys communicate

Animals cannot use words to talk to one another, but they have many ways of communicating! Birds sing and dance, monkeys and some other mammals have warning cries

Are they at all like us?

Chimps are our closest animal relatives.they belong to the great ape family,along with humans,gorillas and orangutans. There are two species of chimps, called chimpanzees and bonobos.genetically, chimps are more closely related to humans then they are to gorillas

How many different types are there

There are at least 265 monkeys not including apes. Pretty amazing isn't it

how long does the average monkey live for

There are a wide variety of monkeys and apes with different life expectancies. On the average, there life span is approximately about 40 years.

some strange types of monkeys

how do monkeys spend their day

Monkeys like to chase each other up and down trees swinging on branches. They also like to groom each other. Wouldn't it be the life being a monkey, nobody telling you what to do!

Cute baby monkeys pick their playmates in the wild - BBC wildlife

Are monkeys as smart as people say they are

Yes, monkeys are extremely smart, especially chimpanzees and orangutans. Monkeys are one of the few animal species that use tools to get jobs done. They will use sticks and branches to pick up stuff and rocks to smash things, many know sign language! Some scientists even say that some are smarter then humans!

Monkey cooperation and fairness



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