Meat Inspector

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What a meat inspector does on a daily basis

A meat inspector is a type of food inspector who ensures that commercial supplies of meat, poultry, and eggs comply with federal regulations as set by the USDA. Meat inspectors work at private commercial slaughtering plants, inspecting animals before and after slaughter.

What education is required to obtain this job

Bachelor's degree or one year of job-related experience and Biological, mathematical, physical or agricultural sciences

What prior experience is required, if any, to obtain this job

One year of experience in food processing, as a veterinary technician, a chef in a large restaurant, a butcher or in sanitation practices at a food handling and preparation company

The starting pay range for this career

The starting salary for a meat inspector is about $43,630

What is the employment outlook for this career field

A food inspector has the potential to become employed through many associations and government organizations, such as the USDA and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as state and county government agencies.

Skills that a person would have to possess in order perform in this job/career.

Ability to work in hazardous working conditions, lift, carry, push up to 44 pounds, no chronic eye disease, good vision and ability to distinguish shades of color