Vinnie Ream Hoxie

By Roxy Rowland

Family Imformation

Vinnie Ream's parents names were Lavina and Robert Ream, and Vinnie Had two other siblings that were unidentified. Vinnie Ream was born September 25, 1847 in Madison Wisconsin.

The Hoxie Family

Vinnie's Adult Life

Dreams do come true!

Most of Vinnie's teenage life she worked at a post office, but when a man named Clark Mills came in her life and asked if she would like to be a sculptor and then the rest of her life she lived her dream of being a sculptor and then mete Lincoln.


Vinnie Ream went to a public school from kindergarten to High school then went to a Christen College for Lady's on August 2, 1872.


Vinnie Ream was Married to a man named Richard L. Hoxie.


After the couple got married they had a son named Richard L. Hoxie Jr ( That was the happiest day of Vinnie's Life).


When Vinnie was a teenager she worked at a post office. Then she quit her job at the post office and starting working her dream as a sculptor.

Major Contributions

One of Vinnie's Major contributions was when she made the Abraham Lincoln statue which sits in a museum in Iowa.


Vinnie Ream got $10,000 for making the Abraham Lincoln statue, and she used that money to travel to Italy and then she finished it there and brought it back to America.

Interesting Fact

Vinnie learned how to paint at the age 12 from Native Americans that she met in the woods.


Vinnie Ream died from Uremic poisoning which is toxins in your bloodstream caused by Kidney Failure on November 20, 1914 and she died at age 67
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