Sewing Machine Basics

By Anthony Schorling, and Katelyn Marsden

Parts of the Sewing Machine

1. A switch to turn the machine off and on.

2. Allows the thread to be sewn in different patterns.

3. Raises and lowers the presser foot.

4. Helps move the fabric through the machine.

5. Helps move or "feed", the fabric through the machine.

6. Pushes the thread through the fabric.

7. Holds and guides the thread from the spool to the needle.

8. Helps regulate the upper tension of the thread.

9. Covers the area around the needle.

10. Holds the spool of thread that feeds the top stitching side of fabric.

11. Winds the thread onto the bobbin.

12. Helps keep the motion of the machine balanced.

13. Adjusts the number of stitches per inch.

14. Adjusts the width of zig-zag and other 2D stitches.

15. Holds the bobbin in place and applies tension to bobbin thread.

16. This controls how fast our slow the machine goes.

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And of course you can't forget all of the essentials when sewing!