JFK Assassination

by Logan McCoy

JFK Assassination Background

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode through the streets in downtown Dallas, Texas. JFK was killed by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was said to have worked alone in assassinating the president. One bullet pierced through the back of the presidents neck and the other went straight to his head.
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The two main conspiracies had to due with the magic bullet, and that the government took part in the assassination of JFK. First off the magic bullet conspiracy was said that a single bullet passed through Kennedy, stopped in mid air, curved downward into the back of the front passenger, and finally exited through the front and taking a loop into his leg.

The second conspiracy is that our very own government took part in Kennedy's death. Lee Harvey Oswald was to have been said to work for the CIA. After this attack his files from the FBI seemed to have been tampered with making it look like he carried out this attack alone. Possibly the CIA was trying to cover up there plan to kill off the president.

What Do I Believe?

Many people have formed there own opinion due media bias. More than just two conspiracies have started up from the assassination of JFK. I do not believe any of these conspiracies myself. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK for his own intentions and that's that. Our government would not have turned on the president for no motive.

The archetype is historical criticism. I believe if this would have occurred in today's age we would have found out everything about what had happened. If we had the technology of now a days this assassination would have been cake to figure out.

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