K3 October 2015 Newsletter

Check out what we have been up to!

Pumpkin Inquiry

Our K3 students have been busy with their pumpkin inquiry. They had a chance to explore a variety of pumpkins and even become scientists as we dissected a pumpkin and counted the seeds. We roasted the seeds and then enjoyed sampling the crunchy snacks. Our K3s also measured pumpkins and compared them by size and colour. Many students also took advantage of having pumpkins in the classroom and made still-life paintings and pastel sketches of the playful pumpkins.

Robert Munsch

Our Kindergarten friends have been reading, viewing and listening to many different books by Robert Munsch. They have also made a beautiful cardboard castle in our classroom and enjoyed acting out scenes from "The Paper Bag Princess." After reading "Aaron's Hair" the class decided to have a crazy hair day, which was a huge success. Many students in the class enjoy creating at the play dough centre and often make pretend food. We decided to read another Robert Munsch book, "Mmm, Cookies" and then have a fun baking day where the children made cookies and decorated them. They especially enjoyed measuring the ingredients, getting messy and tasting their creations. We look forward to more baking experiments throughout the year.


We visited the library this month for the first time this school year. SKs are familiar with this routine and were able to share their knowledge and advice with the JKs. The JKs were very excited to have the chance to look through books and choose one to take home. From now on, we will be going to the library every Day 2. Please make sure to send your child's book back to school on or before Day 2. We encourage families to read the library book with your child at home. This will be a special time between you and your child to help grow their love of books, reading and learning.

Halloween Reminders

On Friday, October 30th, we will be celebrating Halloween. Students are invited to wear orange and black or costumes (no masks, please). We will be taking part in a costume parade as well as various Halloween-themed festivities. Please remember that it is also pizza day during first e-break. You may want to send a healthy snack for second e-break.

Halloween Safety Tips

We have had a few class discussions about Halloween safety. We also read some books on the subject and watched this video. You may want to watch the video again with your child and review some of the tips. Have a happy and safe Halloween!
Halloween Safety for Children

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the school, send an email or leave a note in your child's communication book.

Miss W. and Miss Smith