A Thousand Years of Pirates

By: William Gilkerson

Spanish fort in Panama under attack!

Buccaneers attacked Spanish forts in order to steal great treasure for their people. After taking over Jamaica in 1655, Captain Morgan went behind Spanish sea defenses to the less defended inland side in Panama. After cannoning up a low river, and living off low supplies, 2000 of Captain Morgan’s men attacked the Spaniards even though outnumbered and expected. The crew’s expert, pig hunting, marksmen made the Spanish defenses flee into the city. The buccaneers plundered the city and burned the buildings. Spanish forts now fear an attack from Captain Morgan.

Captain Kidd stabbed in the back by New York governor.

The Captain's return

Captain Kidd was a pirate hunter. He sought out to find pirates and ships that belonged to the French. In the Indian Ocean, Kidd found great treasure from defeated ships. After stopping at Isle Sainte Marie, Madagascar, he went back to New York. When he arrived, one of his sponsors, the New York governor arrested him. All the loot Kidd and his crew brought in was taken from them. He was considered a pirate for what he had done. Kidd was hung out side on the bay of the Thames, where his body is displayed as an example not to be a pirate.

Clark Mularz


Inland- Side facing all land;Opposite of seaward side

Plundered- Robbed or taken

Sought out- Looked for

Isle Sainte Marie, Madagascar- Pirate hideout

Sponsor- someone who invests money in a project

Loot- thing that is stolen or taken