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brazil facts

Brazil gained its independence in 1822 , they maintained monarchical system of government until the abolition of slavery in 1888. Brazil was the first area to begin an economic recovery , Getulio Vargas rose to power in 1930.

(the picture is of brazil night in the city BEAUTIFUL!!)

Brazil geography

the people who live here are called (brazilians). the people here speak what they call portuguese and the people who live here are portugal .There is 53.7 white , mulatto 38.5 black 6.2 , immigrants 0.9

climate is mostly tropical but temperate in south. Slightly smaller than the U.S

the terrain is mostly flat to rolling lowlands

brazilian GDP

brazilian GDP 2.394 trillion brazilian GDP per capita 12,100

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brazilian government

the president of brazil is Dilma Rouseff. the capital of brazil is called brasilla. there type of government is Federal Republic

that is a picture of the brazilian flag