Ten things i cant live without

Carlos enriquez


i need money because you cant have anything without money (necessity)

my phone

i cant live without my phone because it has most of my things on it (luxury)
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i like the brand jordans i like the brand
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It would be wiz khalifa because i like his songs (luxury)
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i like the taste of lemonade (luxury)
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i like the Subaru STI WRX because it looks nice is fast and drives good
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drift track

i like the motor sport drift because you see how side ways you can get your car

nissan GTR (R35)

the R35 is my dream car because it out runs most sports cars and it very fast
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chevy impala

my uncle had one and i love how they look and they bring back memories when he drove me in it to school in 5th grade
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riding bikes (BMX)

i like riding bikes with friends (luxury)
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