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All about Fashion 101

Welcome to my Fashion 101 blog! I am a young and free spirited teenager in a crazy world. In this blog you will see five different categories that I have studied in Fashion 101:Clothing Construction, Interior Design, Advertising and Marketing, Fashion Design, and Fashion History Influence. I hope you enjoy!

Interior Design

Clothing Construction

In today helpful hints will be showing how to backstitch with a sewing machine
Learn How to Back Stitch When Sewing and the Importance of it

Sketching and Design

Usually in sketches in fashion people will mainly focus on the details of whatever they are designing. In this example for a wedding dress the designer is focused on the very small details to the sweet heart neckline to the beading on the corset. Its all about details!
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Fashion History Influence

Fashion History has always been changing. From short clean bobs to big and untamed hair the fashion fads of the century has been leaving and returning. Such as plaid, joggers, fanny packs, and even scrunchies!

Advertising and Marketing

In this picture I am going to give you the secrets to the perfect advertisement.

  • Using an endorsement- In this ad they are using the lead singer in the popular band called Maroon 5, when people seeing their favorite people or celebrity they think that they should use it to. Even using a quote from Adam Levine makes you want to buy it.
  • Using brighter colors- in this proactiv is using bright whites and turquoise to pop in things such as magazines and television.
  • The sell- when you are debating in class you often want to prove your side with a bang, same for advertising, they want to sell you on how great their product is.
  • Better than you- in some commercials for things such as laundry detergent they show you the difference between their product and their competitors, this is when "The sell" comes to play.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my Fashion 101, see you next week!