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April 2018 Chalkboard News

M-Step Assessment

This year, the M-Step Assessment has been changed slightly from years past. First, the expectations for the length of time and number of assessments taken has been reduced for 3rd and 4th graders. In addition, one content area has been moved from 4th to 5th grade. Our testing schedule begins in April and is as follows:

5th Grade - 4/17/2018 through 4/26/2018

4th Grade - 4/30/2018 & 5/1/2018

3rd Grade - 5/7/2018 & 5/8/2018

Please see the letter below for more information and details about M-Step and how to help your child prepare.

March is Reading Month Was a HUGE Success!

Thank you to everybody who helped celebrate March is Reading month! Although, I believe every month is reading month--March was certainly extra special! All Amanda Moore families (almost 300), plus all staff members, received a copy of the book, The World According to Humphrey. Students were so excited to talk about reading the book with their family, or listening to teachers read via the videos. It was so much fun responding and reading others’ responses on the Humphrey weebly. Also, did you know ONE HUNDRED (Yes, 100!) students won a book this month?? Wow! And most winners chose another Humphrey title--we just can’t get enough of that little hamster. The hallways were always filled with mystery readers and even Grizz from Oakland University came to share a book! Author, Maria Dismondy, used her books to share many great ideas about positive character traits. We really look forward to our next author, Ruth McNally Barshaw, coming on her rescheduled date, April 10th. We hope to see everybody join us at this evening event! Let’s keep up the enthusiasm for reading!

Mrs. Pam Tobiczyk

Reading Specialist

Ribbi’s Rad Reader’s Reading Program

Ribbi’s Rad Reader’s Reading Program encouraged weekly reading goals with the incentive to be part of a raffle to choose a book each week. Those who met their reading goal all four weeks earned a free baseball ticket to Jimmy John’s Field. Students earning a ticket will receive ticket ordering directions (mid April) explaining how to order tickets. Thank you for participating in this program and encouraging your child to be a homerun reader!
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AMES Green Team

A very special thank you goes out to Mrs. Friedli and the green team students for all of their hard work this year, recycling paper (both at school and in their communities), saving energy in the school by going paperless, recording daily student news broadcasts which provide green tips for families to follow, and using recycled materials for class projects.

The team once again went above and beyond to help keep our environment healthy for generations to come!!

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Green School Environmental Tip

If parents recycle, allow kids to sort. The family that recycles together stays together! If mom and dad recycle, ask them if you can help them sort if you don’t already. Sometimes parents don't realize how much you care. Going green is a lifestyle, so get in on the day-to day activities by doing your part. Kids can also ask mom and dad to use a house clearance service that recycles waste materials when you move or when it's time to clean out the garage.

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