Team News 9.22

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

Great to see y'all today!

Team, it was wonderful to see you at Mass today. Please make sure to save the 4th Sunday of each month for worship with us at 11AM. I will save y'all a pew for next time!

We had an anonymous donor give us a check for $6,000 to cover all of our Orchestra costs. God is good.

I am going to keep this newsletter very short so you can focus on the September Challenge Below---I have received NONE. Including myself so I am going to make 2 good calls home tomorrow.

September Challenge: Building Relationships #GoodNewsCalls!

This month we have a challenge--making one good call a week---you can make the call or you can take the student to the office so the student can make the call home. Share joy from the classroom--asked a great question, helped a student understand something, read to the class, etc.

Take pictures/video of yourself or the student calling home and email my way.

FABULOUS Prizes coming your way!! Like duty free lunch or dismissal or other fun things.

Admin will be participating too!

How do I make a positive call home? Why!?!?!

Because Jesus would do it. No answer? Leave a VM!

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Reminders and Updates

  • Please cc admin when emailing parents re: behavior, conference requests, and grading.
  • Send me at least one picture a week. Send a gratitude text about a colleague when you can!
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CPR Training

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 3:45-4:45pm


If you signed up, please attend!
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Missed our Team Meeting? Minutes and Notes here!

School Schedules: Duty, Classroom and Contact Information

This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Monday to Thursday: We are almost there!! Ms. Salazar and Mrs. Cortez will be pulling students out to finalize NWEA testing. Thank you for your patience. Schedule to follow in a separate email. THIS IS OUR LAST WEEK.

Monday: Ms. Salazar, Ms. Cortez, and Middle School Team, Family Conference 7:15AM to 7:45AM


Mrs. Cortez out for NWEA Training in AM

Coach Garcia out AM to 1PM (Mrs. Daigle to sub, 2nd Grade Tech moved to 2:15PM to 3:00PM, Ms. Salazar to cover Mrs. Daigle's lunch duty)


All--Positive Call Home


Potentially--Admin out for Conference All Day (to be confirmed by Tuesday)

Daigle out All Day (Mrs. Torres to cover classes, schedule heading your way)

Norton out 1PM to 4PM (no sub needed, VanZandt to take 6th to library)

HEADS UP: Ms. Salazar out October 1 to 3 serving on Accreditation Team at Sacred Heart. Please see me before if you will need anything approved during these days, etc.

If you're not on here, I don't have it in Paylocity or Email. Please let me know ASAP.

Mass Information

September 27: 2nd Grade

October 4: 1st Grade

Please always confirm readers and begin practicing with them by Tuesday. Please email your assignments to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar by Wednesday.

September Duty

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September Birthdays

9.25: Mrs. Brooks
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Gratitude from the past week

Thank you to...

  • The cafeteria team for a DELICIOUS and beautifully organized luncheon for our grandparents.
  • All of our teachers for your patience with interruptions in the school day--testing, extra duties, etc---thank you for your help, we need it.
  • Mrs. Brooks for kick-starting our monthly birthday potlucks again--it's nice to have some love in the form of food.
  • All of the unnoticed yet appreciated ways each of you helps our school remain firmly rooted.
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Team Meeting: Math Sense, Positive Calls Awards , PTCand More

Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 3:45-4:45pm

Ms. Mechtel's Old Room

Regular Team Meeting

Guest from Mathnasium to give us a little mini PD.

Send any topics or events you need to discuss my way.

Grading Deadlines

Progress Report Quarter 1: Grades complete by Sunday, September 15

Report Card Quarter 1: Grades AND Skill Sets complete by 7PM on Wednesday, October 16

Progress Report Quarter 2: Grades complete by Sunday, Nov. 17

Report Card Quarter 2: Grades AND Skill Sets due by Thursday, December 19 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 3: Grades complete by Sunday, Feb 9th.

Report Card Quarter 3: Grades and Skill Sets due by March 17 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 4: Grades complete by Sunday, April 19.

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.