Evil Project

Syonnah Jones & Keyunna Jackson


The idea of evil to me is being sinful, wrong, vicious, wicked and bad.

To me the idea of evil is wicked, deprivatiy, and when regarded as a supernatural force.

Yes, I believe that these story fit the definition of evil.


These story are examples of Jackson style because they have a twisted plot and a surprising ending

*The story "What A Thought" is trying to teach us that everybody can't control the thoughts and outcomes that overcome them. That anybody can have an evil thought or action. She had a vicious thought in her mind that overcomed her. Which forced her to kill her husband.

*The story "The Lottery" is trying to teach us that some people keep their traditions no matter what it is. That some people can be cruel and unusual in different ways. They were being cruel and evil by killing an innocent person.

*The story "The Possibility of Evil" is trying to teach us that anybody can have different personalitys. That they can be someone this day but the next day they can be a totally different person. That some people can be evil by doing different things everyday.



This article is about a repair man that got called to a woman's house because her furnace was broken. While he was there he learned that she was a military wife with her husband deployed overseas. So after fixing the furnace he charged her $1 for the bill. Which really would have cost $150. After that he made a Deployment Kisses Fund on gofundme.com for people who's family is deployed overseas to visit them.