April 8, 2016

From The Principal

Report card time is here again and we are ready to roll! Teachers, you have outdone yourselves and the children have shown tremendous progress. Please make sure that the report card grades and comments are an accurate reflection of the child’s progress at this point. Comments should be positive and constructive in nature. Please check for typos and spelling errors before they are submitted. Specialists’ grades are due by 5:00 tomorrow and Teachers grades are due by 5:00 on Wed. April 13th. Valda sent a detailed email with instructions for completion of report cards for your reference.

So, as the year is winding down and hopefully warming up, I have decided to reinstate W.O.W! For those of you that are new to JBD this year, this is Work-Out-Wednesday. So many of you have joined the Be-Well teams, are tracking steps, counting your sleep hours and developing healthy habits, it seemed only fair to get the kids in on this focus! Scott will be putting together some Brain Boosting 10-minute mini work-outs that you can do with your class outside or inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you as a teacher have some physical limitations, get one of your able-bodied kiddos to be the leaders! This will keep the students’ brain cells pumping and smiles on their faces. There are a few guidelines for staff attire:

  1. No running shorts as they are too short. Other shorts are fine if they are longer.

  2. A JBD T-shirt must be worn. No-tank tops please.

  3. Jeans are fine as long as tennis shoes are a part of the attire so all can see that you are ready to be active (no flip flops, sandals, or heels with jeans on W.O.W.)!

  4. All staff is encouraged to participate and join in with a work-out if timing permits with a class. If not, feel free to take a walk around the perimeter of the building at your lunch time or another activity that will get your blood pumping!

  5. Have fun and enjoy the last 8 Wednesdays with students! (Yes…only 8! YIKES!)

Tomorrow we have our Safety Training with Dick Ponti for all staff. Please be in the library promptly at 12:45. Immediately following the Crisis Response Team will report for table top exercises. Those team members are: Jill, Corinne, Kelly, Angela, Scott, Cassandra, Susan H., Valda, Nancy, Lynn L. Rose, Michelle S. and me. For the rest of the time, all are asked to work on report cards. For Wednesday, the full staff day, there are no meetings. The expectation is that you will complete report cards and collaboratively plan with your teams. How nice to have some time to get things done! There will be coffee available courtesy of our Barista Kelley (donations welcome!) and if you would like to bring a breakfast treat to share, please do so! For lunch you are encouraged to enjoy time in or out of the building with your colleagues.

Thanks again for all you do. JBD is the BEST!


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April Calendar - Next Week at Dey

  • April 11:
Last session Soaring Gulls math tutoring
Spanish K-1
Tennis (K-2)
  • April 12:
Adjusted Dismissal 12:10 Grades 1-5

AM K 8:10-10:10

PM K 10:10-12:10

MANDT Training - 12:45 p.m. - Location change to the Library

  • April 13:

Staff Day- No school for students

STEAM EXPO Project Forms due today!

  • April 14:

Computer Club


Lego Club (K-5)

  • April 15:

Purple Up For Military Kids!

Tennis (Grades 3-5)

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As you know for some children, ingesting their food allergen can be an emergency. We often think of peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish as the main food allergen. These are the more common food allergies. However, we have children with allergies to wheat, dairy, soy, potatoes, eggs, beef and chicken also in our school. The children with these food allergies have epinephrine (epi- pens) at school in case of an emergency. In addition to food allergies there are many students with food intolerances to gluten, food dyes, and sugars. Food intolerances are not always an emergency if a child ingest but can cause a child to become ill. Prevention of exposure is always the goal.

How can you continue to keep the children at JB Dey with food allergies safe?

  1. If you are a room parent, check with the teacher to see what food allergies are present in your child’s room. Birthday treats will no longer be checked by the nurse. All celebrations should be coordinated with your child’s teacher before any food is brought into school. Any food given to the children with food allergies must have a food label and be approved by the teacher. If the parent of the child with food allergies has provided that food, then it is considered safe.

  2. Any food that is home made CANNOT be given to a child with food allergies. Children with food allergies should have safe snacks provided by the parent for these circumstances.

  3. Ice cream can be ordered from the café 2 weeks before the birthday celebration.

  4. Always remember, an alternative to food for birthday celebrations could be stickers, pencils, or other non-food items.

Thanks so much for keeping all JB Dey students safe!! Michele Self R.N

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