By Meredith Holt

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Louis XIV

The efforts of Henry IV and Richelieu to strengthen the French Monarch paved the way for the most powerful ruler in French history. Louis weakened the power of nobles by excluding them from his councils. He also increased the power of the government agents called intendants, who collected taxes and administered justice. Louis believed that god had chosen him to be king, therefore Louis said "I am the state." Basically, saying that he was France, and anything good for him was good for France. He also adopted the sun as his very own personal symbol. Also, Louis went to war to expand France looking for 'natural borders'.
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Other monarchs

Henry IV- the first new royal house named Bouron. Was raised as a Huguenot but was converted to catholic to become king of France.


First of a new royal house was the Bouron Family.


Even though Henry IV was raised as a Huguenot, he converted to Catholicism to become the king of United France. He started the Edict of Nantes which guaranteed freedom of worship and political rights for the Huguenots. Which also ends religious war between Protestants and Catholics.

Other Events- Improvements in government

In France there was a minister of finance. Worked to improve manufacturing economies favorable balances of trade, and colonial possession.

War of Spanish Succession-

The determining of who would be the next king of Spain, but most Europeans did not want the Bouron family to be ruling but France and Spain. France ends up losing and has to settle, and they lose some of their power.


France centralizied power at Versailles. The most important being the French courts there were the ideal for English Monarchs.


It's a huge palace outside of Paris. It represented the grandeur and power of the monarchy and France.

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