HAPPY AUGUST 1ST, EVERYONE! Not only has the OASC Dues Tab gone live, but so has the OASC Virtual State Convention link (WHICH YOU GET AFTER YOU REGISTER TO BE A MEMBER OF THE OASC). After you register to be a member you will receive an OASC Dues Invoice via email to print out and turn in to your financial secretary AND the link to register your council for the OASC Virtual State Convention hosted by Yukon High School Nov. 7-8, 2020.

If you haven't already, please get a PO going for the OASC dues for $75 with your financial secretary. Should they need a W-9 from us, you can find a copy on the JOIN button on oascok.org . Gentle reminder that a PO is not a payment and we will put you on the paid members list (a prerequisite for attending State) when we receive your check. Please turn in the email invoice to your financial secretary, circling the $75 amount for payment when you receive it after you register for membership.

Please register for OASC membership below or on the OASC homepage at oascok.org by clicking JOIN TODAY and please be careful as you enter your email information as that is how you will receive your invoice/link as well as OASC Firsts as we change over to a 2020-2021 mailing list in October.


Aloha OASC family! The State Convention may look a little different this year, but our goal is to still leave a positive impact on students and grow their leadership skills throughout the weekend. We will be hosting the convention virtually on November 7-8. There will be inspirational speakers, student led workshops and other exciting things to look forward to. We encourage your council to meet as a group in November to participate in the convention if it is within CDC guidelines. The cost to attend will be $100 per student council. Even through challenges, the OASC family sticks together and we would love for your school’s council to attend the State Convention this year. OASC MEANS OHANA AND OHANA MEANS FAMILY.


As stated earlier this summer, and after review of the OASC Board with input from District Advisors Darryl Andrew and Ann Field on 7/29, an edited for COVID version of the Gold Chapter form is now available on oascok.org under forms or by clicking below. You will note points have already been inserted for everyone for attending a Spring District Convention and additional language for virtual options has been added--like training for Advisors (How to Honor Your Seniors) on April 7th, and virtual interschool activities on 4/14, 4/21 and 4/28 via OASC Zoom. If there are any other items you feel we may have missed or questions about points, feel free to reach out to me at dreitan@norman.k12.ok.us .


As the list of school districts going to a virtual start for the Fall grows daily and as the State Department of Education has provided guidance on page 21 of their Return to Learn document

stating to, "Pursue virtual activities and events in lieu of field trips, student assemblies, special performances and schoolwide parent meetings and limit group sizes as much as possible,"

and to, "Limit guests and visitors to the classroom while remaining mindful that parents and families play a vital role in their child’s education; involve guest speakers through virtual means," it behooves me to suggest that an in-person Fall District Convention is not in the cards this year.

Please note that the OASC has procured a subscription to a 1000 person capacity Zoom Account that any district can use to host a virtual conference. It has a three person host capacity--so three officers can run the meeting/be the only individuals with screen sharing capacity/control muting of the entire audience/kick people out of the meeting/see when virtual hands are raised to unmute/run the chat. District Convention hosts wanting to book the OASC Zoom for a virtual conference can contact me on a first come, first served basis at dreitan@norman.k12.ok.us . I can set up the invitation link for you and assign hosting ability to whomever you decide at the start of the meeting. I can also set up Zoom practice sessions with you and your officers. It is also appropriate to choose not to host a virtual Fall Convention--we would ask that each district facilitate student nominations for Advisors of the year by emailing/mailing Presidents of your district a nomination form with a deadline (see Advisor of the year below for a sample).

For those who didn't have a Spring Convention (and therefore no district officers), next Spring might be best for a virtual conference as well--hosted by the District Advisor for the purpose of elections only for the 2021-2022 school year. District Advisors may want to review their election procedures and adopt the OASC procedures for elections that we are using for our Virtual State Convention. The good news is that other states have had to deal with this before us and we can take best practices on what works and does not work from them. California realized equity needed to be addressed on speeches--an "order of speeches" does not create equity for those who draw the last speech as kids have tuned out by then. Speeches will be posted ahead of the convention instead of live this year so that schools and voting delegates see every speech/candidate before voting.

ADVISOR OF THE YEAR (Instructions for District 1-14 Advisors)

At the Advisors Meal/Business Meeting at last year's convention in Ada, it was brought up by the Advisor of the Year Chair that the selection committee felt student voice was the most important element in their selection decisions. With that in mind, I am attaching a form letter to for District Advisors to use as a model to send to the STUCO Presidents in their district to submit a nomination for Advisor of the Year before the Fall District Convention (consider collecting School President E-mails from the advisors in your district this year (this list could also be used to create District President Group Me's as well to communicate as we go virtual as well).


Below please find all forms associated with the upcoming State Convention. First Year Advisor applications are due the same time as State Officer Applications per the OASC Constitution. Other deadlines are listed on their respective forms.

Please advise your students about the student forms on here--there are many items to apply for that look great on a resume (We are looking for students to facilitate breakout sessions at state, to serve on Committees for State as well as students to present on BASIC/Advanced/Nationals. For you advisors looking to get involved, consider serving on an adult committee (adult committees will meet via zoom before the Virtual State Convention on November 7-8).

These forms are also available on oascok.org

Two big applications to note are the State Officer Applications (please note the rules against campaigning before we post your campaign booth information) as well as JC Applications--due date pushed back until after State Convention (11/13), which you can find near the bottom.