P.S. 84 Kindergarten January News

See Whats Happening In Kindergarten at P.S. 84 this month

The Polar Express Winter Wonderland

This year the Kindergarten classrooms decided to celebrate the Holidays by creating a winter wonderland in preparation for The Polar Express. We began our week by creating decorations for the hallway, making snowflakes, snowmen, and a cozy fireplace. Each class read the story The Polar Express and discussed the key details, characters, and made lots of predictions on what would happen in the story. Finally, on Wednesday we got our tickets, we crossed over the train track and boarded the Polar Express!

Important/Upcoming Dates

January 4th - School Back In Session
January 8th - Kindergarten Trip to Brooklyn Children's Museum @ 9:30am
January 11th - Martial Arts Culminating Events @ 8:45am
January 18th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
January 20th - Wonderful Wednesday @ 8:30am & PTA Meeting @ 6pm

What We Are Learning This Month

Writing Workshop

In January we will begin writing personal narratives. This unit we will focus on writing true stories about things that have happened to us, as well as writing stories that others can read too! Students will work on writing full sentences, spelling words correctly, and re reading sentences to begin working on one-to-one matching as they name the things they see on the page. Students will also read the labels under each of those items or sentences. Students will continue to write with more independence, volume, and stamina. We will continue to learn strategies on stretching out words so they can isolate and hear the sounds at the start of a word, and to make marks to represent those sounds.

Reading Workshop

During the month of January students will continue to use various reading strategies (stretching out words, checking to see if the sentences make sense, etc.) to help them read in their “just right” books. Our Kindergarten classes will start reading fictional text. We will be discussing story elements, characters, setting, problem, plot and solution.

During Word Study we are working with letter recognition, sounds, and writing upper and lower case letters. We are also working on the following high frequency words: up, from, as, girl, boy, play, jump,, man, eat, day, did, ran, put, us, this, or, now, sit, then, yes, will, how, no, his.


The kindergarten students are continuing the important work of daily routines. They have developed counting skills, and familiarity with the numbers 0-10 and how to represent count and compare numbers. During the month of January, we will focus on Adding one digit numbers between numbers 0-9. Students will continue to play games, and learning all the different ways they can add different numbers and the relationships between them!

Social Studies & Science

During the month of January we will continue our studies with Me, Myself, & Others in social studies, and in science we will be

Happy Birthday!

Marlow - January 31st


Louis- January 28th


Nova - January 25th


Aya-January 3rd

Maydyn- January 29th