Fuelling your Elite Athlete

Great Nutrition for Great Performance

High Protein, Nutrient Rich, Balanced and Convenient Fuel for your Young Athlete!

  • ~Nutrition without additives, fillers, no GMO's, no artificial sweetener's or food colors
  • ~Eating for sports should be an extension of healthy eating for life.
  • ~Kids and teens who are involved in all-day competitions or strenuous endurance sports (like Baseball practices and games) involving 1½ to 2 hours or more of activity at a time, need to consume foods rich in Vitamins, Minerals and High Quality protein to sustain increased demands on energy.
  • Team Create~Jody Makarus RMT

    As a Massage therapist I enjoy coaching and sharing my knowledge with people on how they can help create their healthy lifestyle. By finding this business, and this team, my experience has been an exciting journey, enjoying some financial freedoms. Make your life choices, happy and healthy. Create your freedoms.