1960s Biography Research at WMS

Fakebook Directions

If you have ever seen the uber-popular social media site Facebook, you will notice the similarities with Fakebook. For this assignment, you researched a person who was important during the 1960s. You will need to include the following on your Fakebook page:

  • Name of the person (in the top blue banner on the left, just type your person's name and Fakebook will try to find a picture for you.)
  • About (in the gray box on the left titled "ABOUT", you can add birthdate, family members, profession, and why he/she was important to the 1960s. B-day and family are already there, but you will have to add (type) in the profession and importance.
  • Friends (in the photo boxes below ABOUT, type in the names of people who were associated with your person. Again, Fakebook will try to put images in for you, but you can always change the images out for ones you like better on the internet.)
  • Add a Post! (On the top right, you will see a gray box that says "Add a post." Type in the name of your person and then carefully type in the quote in the box that says "write something." After you proofread the quote, click on the blue POST button under the quote to post it. To add your thoughtful analysis of the quote, click on the blue COMMENT under the post and another "write something" box will appear. When you finish typing and proofreading your comment, click on the blue SUBMIT button.
  • SAVE (When you are finished or have to leave, please click on the bright yellow SAVE button towards the top.

Are you ready to turn in your work?

When you have completed your Fakebook page and have checked to make sure that you have followed the directions, you will click on the small SHARE button in the top right. It will generate a blue, unique URL that will link to your page. You will need to copy this blue link (select it and copy) and then go to the green button below to submit your link through a Google Form.