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June 7th, 2021

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Newsletter Overview

Within this Shorian Nation eNews, you will review information about enrollment and stories highlighting inspiration, innovation, and celebration. With so many end-of-year celebrations, the focus will be on those events and the excitement surrounding them.

We are committed to keeping you informed as we confront COVID-19 together. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 as it pertains to school and your needs, please email

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Enroll Today

Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is open!

Lake Shore Public Schools provides an exceptional education for all 3,217 students in a safe and nurturing environment. Our students are empowered to excel in an evolving global society, supported by the collaborative effort of staff, families, and community.

From preschool through our graduating seniors, Lake Shore students are a part of a strong school system that works hard every day for the benefit of our students. Our guiding principles, Inspiration, Innovation, and Celebration, are woven into the fabric of everything we do.

Enroll as a new resident or new schools of choice student by using this link:

We are more than a school district. We are a Lake Shore family:

Enrollment is also open for our Lake Shore Early Childcare Center. For more information, visit their webpage or contact our Early Childhood Coordinator, Kelly Biondo, at (586) 285-8570 or

#I Choose Lake Shore

2021 Summer Enrichment

What is one thing you've always wanted to learn, but never tried? One thing you've wanted to continue to develop? Is that one thing art and drama, cooking, traveling, science, reading, life skills, or sports? Free Summer extended enrichment learning opportunities will focus on accelerating and expanding on student learning.

Please use the Summer Enrichment registration page for complete information and classes offered: All classes with descriptions can also be accessed by viewing this comprehensive document.

Update: Three new classes have been added which includes GramMars Wars, Mental Health & Wellness, and Leisure Hike & Mountain Bike Club!

Registration is required by Friday, June 11th.

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Music on the Lake

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Build Your Future Tour

We are excited to announce a Build Your Future Event with Ajax Paving Industries on Monday, June 7th from 10am to 1pm at Rodgers Elementary.

The event will begin promptly at 10am and held outside, rain or shine in the parking lot facing Harper Avenue. Attendees will need to dress according to the weather. Depending on the facility and COVID-19 restrictions, face coverings may be required and will be provided. PPE will be provided if necessary and social distancing will be practiced as applicable. Opening presentations and event will be begin at 10am.

The agenda is as follows:

-Candidates must register and complete an application before the event date

-All applications are to be filled out electronically

-Candidates will check in at the entrance to the space and be directed to the presentation area

There will be three stations to visit:

-Equipment Tutorial

-Industry Hands-On Experience

-Interview Opportunity

Registration is available at

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Hanging with their Peeps

By definition, connectedness is a feeling of belonging to or having affinity with a particular person or group. This connectedness is accomplished through your enrollment in our Shorian Nation. Under the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, the #OtherPeopleMatter mindset is our top priority.

Because of our goal to inspire students to build positive relationships and become their best selves while recognizing that our virtual and hybrid learning models feel like relationship obstacles, we wanted to share several Shorian friendships.

No life is a waste," the Blue Man said. "The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we're alone.

Music of the Shores

For the first time in over a year, Kennedy Middle School Bands and Choirs performed live for an audience as they presented “Music of The Shores: A KMS Music Department Production” on Wednesday, May 26th at 7:00 PM at the shell in Veterans Memorial Park.

KMS 8th Grader Connor Albert, who participates in both Band and Choir, would like to share this reflection about his experience:

All the bands did very well. For basically having our practice time at school cut in half, every band member should be proud of themselves. It really showed how much hard work a lot of the kids put in. Mr. Bays did a great job of making sure we were learning things and having fun while doing it.

As with the bands, all the choirs were amazing as well. The same thing goes for choir, with our practice time being cut in half at school it showed how much the students in choir cared to make sure it was a great concert. Mrs. Perryman also did a great job of making sure we were learning and having fun. Especially with the 8th grade, since it was our last concert.

Overall, the concert was a great event for the city and an exciting occasion to cheer everyone up. You could tell all of the audience really loved it and everyone was having such a good time. Even the students were having a lot of fun. All of the hard work and stress everyone went through paid off in the end. A special shoutout to Mr. Bays and Mrs. Perryman for all of the time and effort they put in to make sure this concert happened. This concert was an event to remember especially after what we all have been through over the last year and a half.

Meet Ndiaga Diouf

Dreams don't work unless you do.

Senior Ndiaga Diouf uses words like “goals” or “plans” because it seems more achievable than a dream. But regardless of how he wordsmiths it, Ndiaga has achieved several goals.

For example, avoiding college debt is important to him. Beginning his sophomore year, Ndiaga estimated his college living expenses, made backup plans for worst-case scenarios, worked several jobs, and is continuing to positively impact the world without financial limitations.

He even shared his secret for becoming financially independent. He said, "learn about things like investing, having multiple sources of income, and general things like assets and liabilities. If you do this now, by the time you’re legally able to do all of these things and you’ll have a pretty good head start."

Thank you, Ndiaga, for your vulnerability and answering the following questions that will help our Shorian Nation learn even more about you:

Parents: Mariama Faye (Mom) and Mbaye Diouf (Dad)

GPA: 3.72

College: Michigan State University, Engineering and Computer Science

Scholarship: Michigan State University Michigan Resident Scholarship

Clubs/Activities/Sports: I joined the robotics team. I am also part of a Muslim youth group called FONACAB and I’ve been helping out with food drives and securing donations.

Awards: Principal’s Honor Roll

Hobbies: I like coding, playing video games, and playing sports.

Share a piece of advice for underclassmen: There’s nothing wrong with going to trade schools, community colleges, or even not pursuing further schooling. If you have a goal in life that doesn’t require extra schooling then you should go for it, but regardless of going to college or not, you should always have a backup plan.

Everyday before I go to sleep I “cleanse my heart” which means I forgive anything and anyone that made me mad, irritated, or gave me a negative response for that day. I do this because little annoyances can impact moods which can negatively affect your goals. Also, once you understand that a majority of your problems aren't as bad compared to people in other countries, you gain another level of gratefulness and with that, you become a better person for yourself and others around you.

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Cardboard Boat races

The annual Design Studio Cardboard Boat races took place inside our pool at Lake Shore High School. Most seaworthy boats were built using only cardboard and duct tape, the ultimate test of planning, materials, waterproofing, and structure. Several boats were solid with a durable support system to meet this objective: Don’t get wet!

The following 2021 boats were top 3 finishers:

1st Place: Chips Ahoy

Alyssa Kiroski, Emily Kurdziel, Andy Sweeny, Evan Kopincz

2nd Place: The Backyardigans

Hailey Chretian, Cassidy Crum, Ally Drzmalski, Angelina Cook, Alexus Bass, Nevaeh Verla

3rd Place: 6567

Richard Lavoie, Owen Lewis, Troy Lewis

Virtual Science Fair

Fourth grade students across the district demonstrated their knowledge of formulating scientific arguments at this student-led Virtual Science Fair, presented on Flipgrid. The 173 responses began with a probing question, created a material list, designed a procedure, and through fact finding, came up with results. The unique topics ranged from lemon-charged phones to what substance will dissolve the color-coating on a green Skittle the fastest:

Mr. Gardiner, Mrs. DiCosimo, Ms. LaCross, Mrs. Ventimeglia, Mrs. Geise, Ms. Waldman, Mrs. Ryan, and Mrs. Legato assisted with scientific questions, facts, hypothesis, materials, and procedures. They also helped to analyze the data and results of investigations and written conclusions.


Lake Shore High School Honors Ceremony

Graduation is a milestone in anyone's life. It shouldn't matter what grade it is: Kindergarten, middle school, high school, college. It is absolutely important to encourage each other, and never stop learning. Today, on this gorgeous 67 degree day, we recognized the Class of 2021 at our Honors Ceremony which took place on Saturday, June 5th at 10am and 11:30am at Lake Shore High School.

There are 255 graduates embarking on the next chapter of their story. The hours of blood, sweat, and tears that you've put into Lake Shore hasn't gone unnoticed. A special

congratulations to this year's Top Ten!

Seniors have left a legacy by being the second class to graduate during this COVID-19 pandemic, several have signed their letters-of-intent to play sports at the collegiate level, displayed #ShorianPride by creating an epic decades themed hallway, 6 have signed to enlist, and 125 have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. They chose the color yellow, the Yellow Dahlia flower, and You get to decide the legacy that you leave as their class motto to represent them.

You’re a Shorian, and you’re ready to continue making a difference. Congratulations

to the Class of 2021 and we hope to continue this celebration at our Commencement Ceremony, which will take place on Monday, June 21st at 5pm and 8pm at Jimmy John's Field.

To help recognize our graduates, the district is inviting LSPS families to submit a personal congratulatory message to the graduates on social media using #LSPS21. An accompanying photo should also be submitted.

Class of 2021 Top 10

MOCI Graduation Ceremony

Ten students from the Class of 2021 graduated from our MOCI Special Education program today. Teachers Mr. Carney and Mrs. Stafford shared congratulatory remarks while graduates received individual recognition for their achievements. After our DJ George Munger played Pomp and Circumstance, students received individual recognition, spoke about their own favorite memories, and watched a slideshow highlighting the year’s achievements.

Principal Bross officially performed the tassel ceremony, declaring these students graduates of Lake Shore High School, symbolized by the moving of the tassel from right to left.

Students looked beautiful, adorned in their graduation regalia and celebrated this day with staff, friends, and family at Lake Shore High School's Performance Gym. Congratulations Derrick Cage, Destiny Miller, Jaheim Hammond, Jahrez Pardner, Jessica Roberts, Kayli Martel, Lavon Winston-Tolbert, Talicia Clay, Taylor Rychel, and Zack Cooper!

In addition to district photos, pictures are also available from Aeryn Lynn Photography by clicking here.

LOI Student-Athlete Signing Celebration

Our Athletic Department at Lake Shore High School celebrated its college-bound student-athletes with an unofficial letter-of-intent signing day.

As an opportunity for family and friends to share in the big moment, each coach was in attendance as our Athletic Director, Mr. Hartley, interviewed each student.

Congratulations to the following 12 athletes:

Kenneth Bauman

Cheerleading at University of Michigan

Daniella DeCruydt

Bowling at Lawrence Technological University

Caleb Goodwin

Wrestling at Siena Heights University

Emma Herbon

Softball at Adrian College

Aiden Houth

Football at Adrian College

Hannah McIntyre

Cheerleading at Saginaw Valley State University

Elijah Moore

Basketball at Macomb Community College

Andrew Munger

Football at Kalamazoo College

Nicholas Olmeda

Basketball at Kalamazoo College

Madison Roberts

Cheerleading at Wayne State University

Tyler Scherer

Bowling at Siena Heights University

DeShawnda Sparks

Cheerleading at Saginaw Valley State University

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Celebrating Courageous Shorians

Unfortunately, our Annual United States Military Enlistment Ceremony has been paused for the past two years, but we still honor, serve, remember, recognize, and appreciate those who served, are serving, and will serve this great country as part of the military.

With May being designated as Military Appreciation Month, it is appropriate that we celebrate. We celebrate the courage it takes to stand up and say “I will serve”.

Thank you for your commitment to the protection and service of this great nation. We appreciate the fact our students are willing to enlist into our armed services, recognize that this means days away from home and family, blood sweat, tears, sacrifice, and challenges. We will remember you, whether in uniform or out, across the sea or across the street, you will forever be a Shorian.

Thank you Airman and Class of 2019's Justin Chambe, Lake Shore High School's Dance Team, and Violet Elementary's Cub Scouts Pack 2018 for your participation in this year's Saint Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade.

Goodbye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten

We celebrated the Preschool Graduations of Ava McCray, Danny Carito, Kyrie Wood, Noah Willis, and Samuel Bross at the Early Childhood Center with singing and dancing. For the next 13 years, we hope your child is part of our school system where he or she will be encouraged to discover their dreams and push to achieve those goals.

To view our slideshow, filled with memories that were captured by photographs, click here.

Let Your Child's Career with Lake Shore Begin with Us is the slogan we like to use as we welcome families to our childcare facility.

Upon entry, visitors feel connected to Lake Shore Public Schools and Saint Clair Shores because of the nautical themes in both the soft shades of blue color scheme, artifacts such as a piece of drift wood found in Whitefish Pointe, and thematic room names. This reflects the local city lifestyle and honors the schools inside Shorian Nation.

For example, the room names are as follows:

Infant room: Mini Clippers

Transition/Young Toddler room: Shorianettes

Toddler room: Maritime Mates

3-year-old Preschool room: Saint Clair Skippers

4-year-old Preschool room: Junior Mariners

In addition, we have partnered with BrightWheel, a software company that makes daily recording keeping for childcare centers quick and easy, to bring our record keeping up into the 21st century. Most importantly, we are implementing High Scope curriculum, which includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language, to improve the quality of instruction.

Contact our Early Childcare Coordinator Kelly Biondo at or (586) 285-8570 or Great Start Readiness Preschool Teacher Kelli Herr at or (586) 285-8647 to enroll or by visiting

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Field Day Fun

Our elementary students celebrated the end of the school year by participating in Field Day events. To have a field day means to get a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from doing something; We are certain this was a true expression for our Tigers, Rockets, and All-Stars!

Although students were excited to earn individual ribbons in water balloon toss, keep it up, flying shoes, tower construction, or bean bag cornhole they also awarded air hugs to their friends for effort. Good sportsmanship always wins.

Thank you to Mrs. Pecoraro, Mr. Osterland and Mr. Warrick for making these special days for our students!

LSHS wins District Soccer Championship

LSHS Wins District Softball Championship

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Summer Learning

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.

Learning happens when children are provided opportunities to engage, think, identify and solve problems, collaborate, and reflect. Lake Shore acknowledges the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year.

This is why we continue to offer an opportunity for students to attend Summer programming to engage in learning through programs, activities, play, and conversations. These learning and enrichment experiences will make a life-changing difference in the lives of young people.

Please consider registering for our Summer learning programs here.

Note: Thanks to ESSERS funding, Summer school will be free for all Lake Shore students.

Save the Dates

Please save the dates for the following ceremonies which will take place at the John U'ren Stadium located on Shorian Drive at Lake Shore High School*:

Kennedy Middle School

Award Ceremonies

Sunday, June 13th at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Elementary Kindergarten Celebrations

Monday, June 14th

North Lake High School

Commencement Ceremony

Monday, June 14th at 6:30pm

Violet Elementary

5th Grade Celebration

Tuesday, June 15th at 6:30pm

Rodgers Elementary

5th Grade Celebration

Wednesday, June 16th at 5:30pm

Masonic Heights Elementary

5th Grade Celebration

Wednesday, June 16th at 7:00pm

Lake Shore High School

98th Commencement Ceremony

Monday, June 21st at 5pm, 8pm

*Commencement Ceremonies held at Jimmy John's Field

Class of 2021 Senior Memory DVD and Graduation DVD preorder information.

Lake Shore Foundation Golf Outing

Austin Lipscomb Memorial Golf Outing

Building Schedules

To access building-specific schedules, including start and end times, reference this link and follow the current schedules linked below:

Lake Shore High School

North Lake High School


Kennedy Middle School


Masonic Heights, Rodgers, Violet Elementaries


Lake Shore Public Schools will provide an exceptional education for all 3,217 students in a safe and nurturing environment including 1,400 students who opted for virtual learning. Our guiding principles, Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration, are woven into the fabric of everything we do and will be the focus of every update. Expect an eNews email biweekly update as a reliable way to communicate with our stakeholders.