Sandwich Day

Help Us Make It A National Holiday

What is Sandwich Day!

This is a fun holiday meant to honor sanwiches and those who make them. There is a US sandwich council that was formed in 2011 because of the lack of people celabrating this popular food item. The council is non-govermental and it´s mission is to celabrate sandwiches and those who make them, and to centralize sandwich information.

Why Shoud Sandwich Day Be A National Holiday?

Sandwich Day is all about celabrating people and food. The best memories happen at mealtime, and this holiday lets you enjoy food while being social. Another thing that makes this holiday extra special is that it´s main purpose is to spread accurate sandwich information with people. Who would be against that? If Sandwich Day was a national holiday everybody would get the day off which gives you an opportunity to enjoy yourself freely. Hope to see you celabrating Sandwich Day!
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